Tansun Commercial Bank Performance Management

Release Time:2019-06-27

In 2015, we built a comprehensive business plan based on different employees and organizations for a state-owned commercial bank, and established a performance management system for process and results based on the system process information of public customer relationship management. Realize the monitoring, evaluation and adjustment of the public account manager and management organization in the whole bank.

In 2016, a joint-stock bank faced some performance management problems before the system was built. (1) The main branch's work objectives were inconsistent, and the head office's performance management method could not effectively convey the branches; (2) different regional branches had different business management. Mode, unable to adopt a “one size fits all” performance management approach; (3) performance management data delivery delay, account managers and supervisors can not timely understand the performance completion.

After adopting the performance management products of Tansun Technology Commercial Bank, through the plan management of the integration of the total branches, the headline indicator database is taken as the management core, and the expansion indicators for the development appeals of different branches are established to realize the performance management of the employees and organizations of the whole bank. Program. In addition, through the standardized processing of data, the multi-dimensional drilling of data is realized, which provides more application scenarios for the effective analysis and application of performance data.

 In 2017, a joint-stock bank credit card center quantified massive transaction data for the business and technical characteristics of the credit card center, and established a performance management system for electronic channels. Efficient assessment of the entire process from performance plan, performance, results, feedback adjustment; combined with big data technology, improve the timeliness and accuracy of performance data.

 In 2017, a commercial bank realized a unified assessment of the whole bank.

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