Successful case - a large national joint-stock bank marketing system

Release Time:2019-05-15

  In the network marketing system of a large national joint-stock bank, the "fan recommendation" part and the marketing system are independently constructed by tianyang.
   Among them, the network marketing system is based on the C2C customer model, and "fan recommendation" is the characteristic business launched by the bank. After the simple registration of non-cardholders, the bank has the right to recommend, so as to expand the recommended card application and the scope of customers.
   Mobile marketing platform (PAD/mobile) is a set of mobile terminal solutions that support the marketing of industry-wide/enterprise-wide products and services. One of the innovative ways to develop the sales business is to support the branch channels and innovative project personnel (citic-prudential life insurance, tian 'an insurance, intercontinental hotel, etc.) to apply for customer CARDS through the APP and open the extension development space of the sales business of the card center, helping the card center to achieve the goal of three times in three years.

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