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Industry Focus | The Tangible Future Seminar on Digital Risk Control Systems for Supply Chain Finance is Held in Shanghai!

Release Time:2019-04-23

On April 22-23, the “Seminar on Digital Risk Control Systems for Supply Chain Finance”, sponsored by National Internet Finance Association of China, and organized by TANSUN Technology Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TANSUN) was successfully held at the Shanghai Ruijin Intercontinental Hotel.

On-site Report

The conference invited more than 100 people from industry-leading financial technology companies, commercial banks, and Internet-based financial institutions to participate. The participants conducted in-depth discussions of such aspects as the technology, payment, banking, industry, and future development trends of constructing digital control systems for supply chain finance.

(From left to right: Zhang Ruifeng, Yang Bin, Yang Nong, Li Yaning, Feng Chenyong)

(Yang Nong, Deputy Secretary General of the China Internet Finance Association)

(Deng Haiqing, Vice President and Chief Economist of

Innovating the Risk Control Model for Supply Chain Finance Based on the Interconnection of Industrial Chains 

(Ren Yongfa, TANSUN’s Chief Expert on Supply Chain Finance)

As the organizer of this seminar, Ren Yongfa, TANSUN’s chief expert on supply chain finance, delivered a speech with the theme of “Innovating Risk Control Models for Supply Chain Finance Based on Interconnecting Industrial Chains”.

As is well known, risk control has always been a difficult point for the performance of supply chain financing business. Therefore, banks should handle it by starting from the supply chain’s collaborative transaction data, and attach more importance to debts and less to the main body. The objectively high risk of small, medium, and micro-sized main body, can be turned to single businesses with high security, thus ensuring that the risk level of a single financing business is within a reasonable and acceptable range.

Furthermore, by replacing the credit line with the transaction amount, the transaction data generated by the transaction can provide insight into the whole process of business operation. Determining the maximum transaction amount based on historical transaction records can thus more directly reflect the business capabilities of the enterprise.

TANSUN has years of experience in supply chain finance, and has cooperated with 251 companies, covering a variety of industries. These companies can be summarized into six enterprise types: core enterprises, e-commerce platforms, supply chain platforms, third-party price markets, logistics regulatory companies, and bulk commodity markets. As a result, TANSUN has extensive cooperative experience, including diversified cooperative methods such as bank-corporate direct networking, online banking access, and third-party api inlays.

TANSUN’s Supply Chain Financial System adopts the concepts of comprehensive risk control, interaction, and synergy. It is based on our experience in the innovative development of domestic supply chain financial business and comprehensive supply chain risk management business, as well as the company's many years of accumulated experience in supply chain business and project construction, from the industry, core enterprises, trade quality, and other dimensions. We conduct big data analysis and decision-making, automated ratings, and also provide credit reviews and risk identification before loan approval, risk assessment and capital flow control during the loan, and automated graded early warning monitoring after the loan. In addition, we conduct dynamic risk monitoring that runs throughout the entire financial business process for the enterprise. At the same time, TANSUN supply chain financial system utilizes blockchain, SAAS services, open platform financial services, micro-services, big data, and other advanced new technologies to provide integrated investment and financing design, supporting the efficient matching of funds and assets.

The traditional “1+N model” of supply chain finance has been continuously innovated and fully empowered by financial technology. The inexorable trend is toward building an industrial supply chain ecosystem and to establish multi-layered structures.

TANSUN’s vision has always been to provide supply chain financial services that focus on the industrial internet. Employing internet-based thinking and working with capital, we created an open and win-win industrial financial platform and established a new ecosystem of “industrial internet + consumer internet” through our industrial chain financial platform. In the future, TANSUN will continue to strive to build the digital control system for supply chain finance to serve financial institutions, enterprises, and consumers. We make every effort to improve efficiency, reduce costs, control risks, and innovate our products, channels, services and management. We are committed to building an inclusive financial world that is based on a digital credit system.

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