Microservice container cloud platform-TJMAS

Microservice container cloud platform-TJMAS

Product Modules

Main Function Description


Microservice Operations

Tjmas-Container microservice platform is the bank microservice operation and management of the carrier, realize the bank each application system is running, realize resource scheduling operation and start service deployment, service monitoring, exception handling, Container capacity capacitors and a series of platform function, has the characteristics of safe and reliable effective elastic extension, built-in many functional components is geared to the needs of the financial industry.


Gateway Routing

Tjmas-Gateway routing is a decentralized function to meet the requirements of cross-node and cross-center access. It mainly realizes technical routing, authentication, flow control, fuse protection and other functions.


Operational Monitoring

Tjmas-monitor is a monitoring suite for enterprise service application services, which realizes system level and application level monitoring.System level monitoring includes machine resources, CPU, memory, files, database, process, network and other comprehensive system resources monitoring.Application system monitoring includes the monitoring of concurrency, processing time, success rate, transaction number, amount summary, channel category, card type and other business indicators, including the monitoring of microservice platform applications, service consumers, service providers and abnormal events.And realize the image warning prompt, provide email, SMS, nails, WeChat and other abnormal notification and recovery notification function.


Log Analysis

Tjmas-Log is implemented under the microservice architecture, the service is split into multiple small, every tiny service deployed on a different server instance, when we positioning problem, retrieve the Log when the need to Log on each server in order to retrieve, so cumbersome and inefficient, Log analysis tools to help centralized collection, storage and search the tracking information, establish a bank of Log analysis of global view.


Platform Management

Tjmas-console is the basic management module of container cloud micro service platform, which realizes the functions of service registration, service discovery, gateway parameter configuration, log parameter configuration, and operation and maintenance parameter configuration, providing a visual platform operation interface for users.


Development Platform

MicroServices Development Platform (MSDP) mainly provides an easy-to-use, fast, comprehensive standardized and professional technical support Platform for the Development of MicroServices system.The platform is similar to maven plug-in pattern, based on the practical development framework, and constantly adding functional plug-ins to achieve new platform features and ensure strong scalability of the framework.Besides, the development of configuration function module provides rapid continuous integration function for developers, enabling them to package project creation in code warehouse to Docker image warehouse by configuring a few simple parameters.Simplifies the complex operational steps of continuous integration.

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