Demand Labeling Solutions

Demand Labeling Solutions

How can a bank reduce the cost of demand communication? How can they accumulate demand assets? How can they quickly establish and implement demand? For the common issues of demand management in banking IT systems, TANSUN promotes transforming a bank’s internal demand management into modeling, capitalization, and instrumentalization. It achieves leanness and agility via the methodology of “agile demand modeling”, and employs the agile thinking for demand management, unified demand communication language, construction of demand authoring tools and construction of demand asset libraries to support the demand management of enterprises, all starting from the demand envisioning stage. It thus realizes the true, complete life cycle management of demand, and comprehensively improves the demand management capabilities of enterprises.

With its core of the entry-based Scenario, Agile demand modeling is an instrument that works together with the personnel of all demand parties, and then uses Story to sort out the process. It thereby forms a demand management process system within the bank that is modeled and lean, that quickly realizes the establishment and accumulation of demand asset libraries, and that forms a complete set of methodologies for sustainable improvement and optimization.

Two service modes:

1.              TANSUN provides experts business consultants, and combined with the user's actual situation, helps the user to build demand management processes and norms, and to complete the deployment of demand management tools. As such, it plays the role of "coach" and employs the methodology of "agile demand modeling", guiding and training users to complete the implementation of their demand management process. The demand writers are completed by the user’s organizers.

2.              TANSUN provides a demand team that fully undertakes the user's demand analysis and implements the written work, unifying the business and technology demand communication language, building demand management tools and demand asset libraries, and completely implementing the client demand management modeling, capitalization, and instrumentalization, in a way that is lean and agile.




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