Testing Consultation Services

Testing Consultation Services

TANSUN has integrated the best practices of project management to form a set of unique solutions for financial enterprises for aspects of software quality management and control. These solutions combine more than ten years of experience in banking client IT system construction and testing consultation, test project management, and test project implementation, along with CMMI and TMMI capability maturity models.

Consultation Services for Complete Life Cycle Quality Management

Under the current situation, in which financial enterprises are promoting the construction of total quality management capabilities, TANSUN conducts research and analysis on the quality management status of financial enterprises, and offers consultation services for complete life cycle quality management. TANSUN combines years of practical experience with the most advanced quality organization and management experience in the industry, and takes the perspective of whole life cycle during system construction. It carries out comprehensive planning and design for the overall quality management system of a financial enterprise’s IT construction, including project management, R&D management, operation and maintenance management, quality management, configuration management, etc., thereby improving the weak quality links across the whole life cycle of financial enterprise software, and enhancing their overall level and ability to perform quality management.

Testing Management Consultation Services

TANSUN integrates the best practices from constructing many testing centers for banking clients, and has formed a testing center construction program that suits financial enterprises. TANSUN’s testing management consultation services include establishing the test center management system, test center workflow planning and design, test center organizational structure and post design, building planning for the testing center’s core capacities, construction of the testing center’s specification system, testing center platform planning and design, test project planning and implementation, and other related services. These services help financial enterprises to build their own testing methodology, and also help enterprises to enhance and strengthen their testing management and testing implementation capabilities.

Large Project TMO Implementation Services

TANSUN’s TMO implementation services are divided into three levels: high, medium, and low-level systems. The high level includes regular reporting and communication to the project management, overall test planning for the large project group/large project, overall planning for environmental management, version management, and defect management, the formulation of standards and principles for each stage of testing, key process advancement for the project (testing promotion and development), and major decisions. The medium level includes overall testing control, test planning development and maintenance, testing risk avoidance, testing problem solving and key link follow-ups. The low level includes the daily management practices of the testing project, program tracking, defect reporting, problem reporting, daily communication, risk disclosure, meeting minutes, and other related services.


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