Overall Testing Solutions for Large Bank Project Groups

Overall Testing Solutions for Large Bank Project Groups

In recent years, in order to adapt to the rapid development of banking business, many banking clients are building the new generation of core business systems. However, the construction of the core business system will affect their whole situation, as it always involves adjusting the entire IT architecture, and the subsequent renovation of most of the systems in the whole bank. Testing is required for the entire bank system, and it thus becomes extremely complex and vitally important.

TANSUN provides comprehensive testing solutions to the core project group of numerous banking clients and credit card centers. These solutions include testing requirements, resources, plans, organization, and planning for tools, as well as testing processes, risks, and issues, and testing quality management. Professional testing is implemented for the core, periphery, data migration, and performance. Dependable progress and quality assurance are provided for the construction of the client’s core project group.

Comprehensive test planning management:

Planning for test requirements: system scope, testing content, testing boundaries, testing subcontracting

Planning for test organization: organizational mode, organizational structure, departmental responsibility

Planning for the testing cycle: milestone planning, round scheduling

Planning for testing resources: human resources, environmental resources, and tool resources

Testing process management: phase division, specification development, and process auditing

Testing project management: schedule management, quality management, communication management, change management, problem/risk management

Standardized testing solutions:

Core function testing: core test planning for commercial banks, credit card centers

Peripheral function testing: complete peripheral business line test solutions

Data platform testing: automated data testing solutions

Data migration testing: unique full data migration test planning

Special theme testing: special theme test planning

Performance improvement testing: customized core project group performance testing, performance improvement planning

Professional testing service capabilities:

Expert team: a comprehensive, professional testing team for planning management, core, periphery, data, and performance testing

Implementation process: functional testing, automated testing, data testing, and implementation process for performance testing 

Test tools: three-dimensional support for testing management tools, interface testing tools, and baffle tools

Testing assets: efficient reuse of rule bases, case bases, and defect libraries


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