Non-functional Testing Solutions

Non-functional Testing Solutions

TANSUN’s non-functional testing services mainly provide financial enterprises with professional services such as non-functional testing, non-functional patrol inspection, and performance optimization. The scope of our non-functional testing includes system capacity capability testing, stability capability testing, high availability testing, flow control and timeout testing, and batch data processing program testing, among others.

According to the actual or expected pressure model, simulated pressure is applied to the system under test according to a certain strategy, and performance indexes are obtained including system response time, TPS, throughput capacity, resource utilization rate, and stability, etc., in order to provide a basis for discovering system performance defects and bottlenecks, as well as for optimizing the system. In addition, it provides a test basis for verifying whether the performance of the application system meets the expected demand indexes.

Non-functional testing for the core project group

Non-functional testing for data center migration

Non-functional testing for distributed architecture




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