"Three-Dimensional" Comprehensive Automated Testing Solutions

"Three-Dimensional" Comprehensive Automated Testing Solutions

Presently, with the rapid development of banking business, system updating and maintenance occurs frequently, and thus regression testing is required that relies on automated testing technology. However, traditional I/APP automation tools and interface automation tools all have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is therefore difficult to simultaneously meet the goal of being comprehensive, rapid, and easily maintained. In order to combine different advantages, TANSUN has developed its innovative "three-dimensional" automated testing solutions, which feature our extensive automated testing experience and testing tool R&D capabilities. These testing solutions are include in TANSUN’s automated testing tool platform, "Tans n Test Studio”, which enables automated regression testing with higher coverage in less time.

①: I/APP automation

②: Optimized I automation, uses client-side emulation to simulate the client side (HTTP+HTML) to send messages to the server side

③: Through the interface, high-frequency, large-scale automated regression is performed by using client-side emulation to send direct messages (protocol + message)

④: Service virtualization, server side emulation


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