Industrial Finance

Industrial Finance

        In the context of the transformation of China's financial industry and the rapid development of Internet technology, participation in industrial integration construction through advanced industrial financial platform has been proved to be the best way to compete for the market in the era of ecological circle economy.Financial institutions and group enterprises will promote the transformation of industrial finance business, including supply chain finance, and make real progress in optimizing the industrial ecosystem and promoting the development of the real economy.


        TANSUN's financial consulting solutions focus on consulting and planning of supply chain finance business module, in understanding the customer development strategy, combing customer business status quo, on the basis of the financial scene financial services to industry model upgrade as the core, focusing on intelligent risk control, innovative financial products, the actual needs of the business financial needs and scenario, online business such as the actual pain points and requirements, customer actual ground for supply chain business plan objectives, for small and medium-sized commercial Banks and group enterprise customer's supply chain business, upgrade, innovation, to provide professional services includes planning and consulting,And seamless docking of our company's related delivery and implementation of products, to provide our clients with a one-stop overall solution.




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